Chickens, Produce & Grass-Fed Beef

We sell live "finished" cattle by private
treaty the price determined by the
hanging carcass-weight; and we
broker the processing of the animal for our customers.

Unlike other Farms that require you
to pickup your meat at the processing
company, we transport the animal for
processing and then hand-deliver
the packaged beef directly to you!

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Welcome to Susie & David's Farm!

Our mission is to provide the need for healthy, high quality Cage-Free Meat Chickens, Produce, and broker North Idaho Grass-fed Beef. These animals do not receive antibiotics, growth hormones or additives of any sort. We sell only natural premium beef.

Brokered Grass-fed Beef -- Purchase by the whole, half or quarter-carcass. A Quarter-beef is composed of cuts from the front & hind quarters (Note: Requires 3-cubic feet of freezer space).

If you desire the variety meats, heart, tongue tail, liver, kidneys or sweetbreads please let us know when you place your order so we can harvest these meats. Plenty of dog bones will be available and there is no charge for the variety meats or bones.

We maintain a network of local beef producers who raise cattle to the same high standards as we do and we buy and sell steer calves and replacement heifers with these producers. We are able to broker carcass and processed beef from our meat processor's private herd, this is grain finished beef and can be ordered most any time. We charge the same price as our grass finished beef and guarante the quality as would do our own beef. Delivery is provided free of charge.

Farm Fresh Eggs -- Our Hens are raised cage-free. The high-quality of our eggs can be attributed to the all-natural diet from our local feed producer. We sell our eggs from our farm and at our farmer's markets. Be sure to come early as our eggs sell-out quickly and most of our production is pre-ordered the weeks prior.

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Seasonal Vegetables -- Seasonal vegetables as the weather allows. Click on "Contact Us" to learn more...

Potatoes -- Seasonal varieties of potatoes for our customers:

Yukon Gold, German Butterball, and Norland Red

We have a variety of potatoes that we sell from the farm and at local farmer's markets. No chemicals are used in the fields which are fertilized using the natural bi-broducts from our cattle and chickens.

Yukon Gold, a smooth round tuber with yellow skin and flesh and pink coloring around shalow eyes. Excellent flavor when baked, boiled, or made into salads or fries a bit to moist for hash browns.

Norland Red -- We have a seasonal red that is excellent as new potatoes or in salads:

German Butterball - Another yellow that has superior butter-like flavor cooked any way:

Ornamental Corn -- Commonly called "Indian Corn", and We seasonally have three types of this colorful corn used for holiday decorations as well as two kinds of colorful popcorn, Ruby Red and Shaman Blue which is great poped after the holidays.

For some seasons we grow Ruby Red popcorn, this variety is highlighted by deep red kernels and long cobs and is a gourmet popcorn. This attractive corn quickly became popular with our market customers and we sold a considerable amount as fall decorations. This season we will be planting a variety of ornamental corn to fill the demand for this product. Our planting will include the Ruby Red, Shaman Blue (another gourmet popcorn), the multi-colored corns commonly refered to as Indian Corn, American Way a very large eared multi-colored corn and Indian Ornamental Flint, a mulit-colored corn that is highly decorative with a nice ear and 40% red husks.

Our ornamental corn may be available in the early fall, the popcorns need a bit more time to dry in the field before harvesting. Crafters can contact us for reservations and availability of the different varieties.

We will have a good selection of decorative Gourds and Pumpkins this fall -- Sign up on our mailing list to be notified by eMail