Welcome to Susie & David's Farm!

Susie & David's Cattle Company LLC is located in Spokane at the base of Mt. St. Michael where we maintain a small herd of Angus, Hereford and Limousin beef cattle which we breed to produce our great tasting high quality beef.

Our cattle are naturally raised on our farm where we feed only natural pasture and locally grown alfalfa. Our animals do not receive antibiotics, growth hormones or additives of any sort.

We have chosen not to certify our farm as organic instead raise our animals and produce naturally with out chemicals, fertilizing with only the natural composted bi-products from our beef and poultry operations.

We also maintain a flock of laying hens which produce some of the best tasting brown eggs around. Our farm produces a variety of potatoes, ornamental (Indian Corn), sweet corn, squash and gords which we sell from our farm and at local Farmer's Markets.

We produce a totally grass finished beef which can have charasterstics that may be new to your pallet & not found in feedyard-grown animals - To learn more, read more About Us.

Our vegetable selection varies by the season but includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, sugar snap peas and selected varieties of great tasting potatoes.